Sedation Dentist in Chesapeake, VA

Sedation Dentist in Chesapeake, VA

One of the most vital components of oral health is good oral hygiene. Therefore it is essential for people of all age groups, whether children or adults, to undertake regular dental checkups to maintain dental health. Most often, people with teeth problems are afraid to visit a dentist and get treatment because they believe dental procedures are very painful. However, sedation dentistry can be very helpful for patients with extreme fear by reducing their discomfort to a great extent. Sedation dentistry methods vary from patient to patient according to their individual needs.

What Is the Role of a Sedation Dentist? 

A sedation dentist has the qualifications and experience to provide conscious sedation to their patients. They take specific training during their graduate and postgraduate studies and can administer sedation safely. However, there are also other dental team members aside from the dentist who can carry out dental sedation.

Before starting the treatment, the dentist will conduct a physical examination of the patient and inquire about their other underlying health problems. If necessary, special diagnostic tests are done to ensure the patient's other medical parameters are stable. When sedation is planned as part of the treatment, clear written and verbal instructions are given to the patient before the appointment. 

An anesthetist may administer sedation in a hospital setting in some complicated cases, including in an operating room. During these situations, the anesthetist provides the sedation, and a dentist performs the procedures.

The sedation dentist should evaluate signs of sedation throughout treatment. The dentist's calm demeanor will go a long way in helping a patient feel comfortable and relaxed during the procedure. With inhalation sedation, the patient may report a tingling sensation or warmth. Intravenous sedation often produces an amnesic effect wherein patients have no memory of the procedure afterward, which can be favorable for nervous patients.

On completion of the treatment, the dentist will ensure the safe recovery of the patient before discharge. Post-operative instructions are given with regards to their medication and diet.

What Are the Different Methods of Sedation in Dentistry?

  • Nitrous Oxide: A mild gas whose sedation effects are pretty quick and non-addictive. In this sedation method, the gas is administered through a small nose mask placed over the patient's nose. This enables the patient to relax, and its effect fades away once they stop inhaling the gas. 
  • Oral Sedation: As the name indicates, the patient is sedated with the help of a pill that needs to be taken the night before the dental procedure. The drug can be of a minimal or moderate level. 

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