Lumineers in Chesapeake, VA

Lumineers in Chesapeake, VA

Lumineers are ultra-thin porcelain veneers used to correct damage and deformities in teeth, such as gaps and cracks. It is a permanent cosmetic solution that helps correct discolored, chipped, misaligned, or gapped teeth. Lumineers are about 0.3mm in thickness. They are different from standard veneers as it does not require the tooth to be scraped. Therefore, no anesthesia is needed. They are glued to the teeth’ surface, conceal the various imperfections, and give the patient a beautiful, flawless smile.

The application of Lumineers is a painless procedure and requires two visits to the dentist. They are non-prep veneers — they don’t need any prior preparation. Lumineers are strong and solid because they are made from porcelain. They are durable and could last for two decades or more if the patient maintains proper oral hygiene.

What Dental Improvements Could Be Made by Lumineers?

  • Brighten teeth: Lumineers can help change your smile with a permanently bright and natural look. They provide a long-lasting white smile. With Lumineers, there is no fear of staining, irrespective of what you eat or drink.
  • Reshape teeth: Some people will feel reluctant to have a traditional veneer procedure for fear that their teeth have to be reshaped. This is not the case with Lumineers. Ultra-thin Lumineers are attached to your natural teeth using adhesives and hardened with unique light.
  • Eliminate gaps and spaces: Lumineers is a fast, non-invasive procedure and helps close gaps between teeth. In just two visits to your dentist, these ultra-thin “smile shapers” will eliminate extra space while keeping your natural teeth intact.
  • Align crooked teeth: Although braces are readily available for adults, most do not want to endure the pain and suffering associated with the treatment. Lumineers provide an ideal alternative and help conceal crooked teeth.
  • Restore Chipped Teeth: Lumineers offer a painless and satisfying way to fix your chipped tooth for good.
  • Renew Old Dental Work: Old crowns and bridgework become faded over time and, as a result, add many years to your face. Lumineers can easily be attached on top of crowns and bridgework to give you a beautiful smile effortlessly.

What Are The Advantages Of Lumineers?

  • It is a fast and efficient cosmetic procedure that helps create a new smile without any difficulties.
  • Compared to the traditional veneers, it is a more non-invasive and comfortable procedure.
  • The entire process is often pain-free. No anesthetic or drilling is required.
  • In this procedure, there are no sensitivity issues as the dentine is not exposed.
  •  Lumineers are made from more resistant porcelain than traditional veneers to compensate for being thinner.
  • They may look and feel slightly heavier than veneers.
  • The uncut tooth and enamel make them lighter than regular veneers.

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