Fastbraces in Chesapeake, VA

Fastbraces in Chesapeake, VA

Having a straight set of teeth will make your smile more attractive and help resolve various dental issues. Crooked or crowded teeth could easily lead to the accumulation of plaque and tartar as they cannot be adequately cleaned. As a result, cavities, tooth decay, and even gum disease could develop. In some cases, teeth that are not aligned properly cause problems with biting, chewing, and even speaking. In addition, if the misalignment is too severe, you may experience pain and discomfort, which will aggravate over time. Therefore it is highly crucial to have your teeth straightened. 

Gone are the days when a person had to undergo the painful and time-consuming process of straightening their teeth. With the latest orthodontic technology known as Fastbraces, patients have a safe, fast, and affordable way to enhance their smile. 

What Are Fastbraces and How Do They Work?

Fastbraces offer a state-of-the-art method to straighten your teeth in a relatively fast and effective manner. In this system, triangular brackets with built-in components on each tooth are used to help alter the root of crooked teeth, thus enabling them to grow in a straight and accurate position. The built-in components on the brackets continuously exert pressure on the teeth to readjust them into their correct locations. Fastbraces make use of very few rubber bands and metal wires, making them much more comfortable than traditional braces.

A patient will also need fewer dental visits for readjustments since the brackets are designed to readjust the teeth in a planned manner. Fastbraces provide an effective and efficient way to straighten teeth because they are designed to simultaneously shift both the crown of the tooth and the teeth' roots. With traditional metal braces, the tooth's crown is moved initially, followed by the root section. Since Fastbraces move both at the same time, the treatment time is considerably reduced. Fastbraces are used to treat crooked and crowded teeth, gaps between the teeth, and a bad bite. 

What Are Some of the Major Benefits of Fastbraces?

  • The straightening results can be achieved in half the time of traditional braces. Some patients can have a straighter smile in twenty weeks.
  • The natural bite of a patient is preserved so that one does not feel uncomfortable while talking or chewing with the newly aligned teeth.
  • In this treatment, almost all patients can get Fastbraces without having to get their teeth extracted.
  • There is minimal discomfort as only one wire is used, which prevents you from looking like you have a bulky teeth device.
  • The stabilization of your teeth in their new position is faster as the jaw bone reabsorbs the root of the teeth pretty quickly.
  • There is a reduction in pain while wearing the braces.

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