Emergency Dentist in Chesapeake, VA

Emergency Dentist in Chesapeake, VA

Dental emergencies take place when you least want them to — toothache, fractured teeth, root canals, etc. Whether you have unbearable pain from a wisdom tooth or swollen gums, it’s imperative to know what to look for during an emergency dental visit.

How Can an Emergency Dentist Help?

An emergency dentist can perform various emergency procedures like:

  • Emergency tooth extraction
  • Provide relief from excessive toothache
  • Fixing broken brackets or wires of braces
  • Treatment for oral infections
  • Pain management of wisdom tooth
  • Restoration of a loose crown or filling

What Happens in an Emergency Dental Visit? 

  • Examination: An emergency dentist, before doing anything, will determine the causes of your problem. He will look for signs of concern such as gum inflammation or infection. Exposed nerves can also be a common cause as they are very painful. The dentist will also look for any infection to wisdom teeth or restorations such as crowns falling out. A broken tooth can also cause distress, especially if it has a rough or pointed edge. At times, the problem could be under the gum due to an impacted wisdom tooth trying to break through.
  • Pain relief: One of the most common purposes to visit an emergency dentist is to get relief from tooth pain. After a meticulous examination, your dentist will take every step possible to give you relief from that pain. Medications such as antibiotics can take several hours to take effect. Hence, the first step is often to provide some in-office pain treatment. An injection into the affected area delivers faster relief. After this, antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs are given to cure any infection or swelling present.

What Conditions Need an Emergency Dentist?

Most of the patients come to an emergency dentist to get help from constant pain and discomfort caused by any of the following.

  • Broken tooth: The rough edges caused by a fractured tooth can damage the gums and tissues in the mouth. An emergency dentist will provide you some relief, including reducing nerve pain, removing excess tissue, and prescribing medications for infections.
  • Swollen gums: An infection or inflammation could be the cause of your swollen gums, and this can cause pain and bleeding. An emergency dentist can offer solutions for this.
  • Wisdom teeth: If you have wisdom teeth trying to erupt or pain in the back of your jaw, it becomes essential to get some respite. Seeking emergency treatment is very crucial to get pain relief at the earliest.
  • Pores in teeth: The teeth may become sensitive to hot and cold temperatures if your teeth have pores in them, making them difficult to eat and brush. It’s possible to get a desensitizer treatment that works like a varnish to seal those areas. 

An emergency dental visit can offer you temporary relief from your problems. To get a permanent remedy, you need to visit your regular dentist at a later date.

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