Dentures & Partials in Chesapeake, VA

Dentures & Partials in Chesapeake, VA

There are several treatments available to get back your flawless smile if you have several missing teeth. If you are missing numerous teeth, or even all of your teeth, you may want to consider dentures. Several considerations have to be kept in mind when deciding to get dentures. 

What are Dentures?

Dentures are removable prosthetic teeth that cover either only a section of missing teeth or all of the teeth. Before getting you fitted with a set of dentures, your dentist will take the dimensions and molds of your teeth and gums to fabricate a comfortable and efficient set of dentures.

What Are The Different Types Of Dentures?

Full or Complete Dentures: These dentures replace one or both complete arches of teeth in the mouth. An entire row of replacement teeth is fabricated to augment the lost dental structure. These false teeth are then attached to a gum-colored pink base. This base is measured to fit tightly against the gum and jawbone structure, creating a suction force that anchors the denture in position. A well-made denture that is properly cared for and adjusted repeatedly should need very little if any denture cement to remain stable. Conventional dentures have to be removed, cleaned, and stored overnight to maintain their shape. 

With proper care at home and regular visits to a dental office, patients can keep their dentures in good working order for years.

  • Partial Dentures:  Dentures used to replace multiple missing teeth in a straight stretch are called partial dentures. Several replacement teeth are mounted into a gum-colored base that supports them in place. These dentures are perfectly fashioned to fill the gaps in patients’ smiles, fitting into place firmly and comfortably. Metal clasps are attached to healthy teeth to keep partials in place. Patients should remove and store their partial dentures overnight. They should also have their dentures examined during their twice-a-year dental checkups to ensure they maintain their shape and comfort.
  • Immediate Dentures:  In some cases, a patient needs a denture but doesn’t want to go without their teeth, even for a short duration. These patients have their problematic teeth removed and get fitted with the customized dentures immediately after the extractions. This has become possible with the latest dental technology wherein the patient can walk out of the dental office with a complete set of teeth in their mouth after extractions, thus transforming their appearance immediately.

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