Crowns & Bridges in Chesapeake, VA

Crowns & Bridges in Chesapeake, VA

Crowns and bridges are restorative appliances used to replace or restore a single tooth or many missing teeth. They are fixed appliances, making them a step above dentures, which have to be removed and cleaned daily. 

When a single tooth is damaged or missing, a crown is used to strengthen or replace it. Bridges are used to substitute several missing teeth in a row. A dentist may suggest one of these permanent fixtures for various issues such as concealing a broken tooth, strengthening a tooth after a root canal procedure, or protecting an implant.

What Are the Advantages of Crowns and Bridges?

Crowns and bridges can work miracles in restoring an individual’s smile as well as their confidence. These restorative fixtures look incredibly natural and can be applied with ease when one’s teeth are cracked, fractured, decayed, or missing. A crown can also be beneficial for patients having large fillings in a tooth or discoloration of a single tooth or several teeth.

Bridges consist of several crowns held together by a metal framework. They are solid and durable as opposed to dentures. A bridge is also a permanent appliance, providing a comfortable experience for those who wear them.

What Happens During a Crown or Bridge Procedure?

The procedure for receiving a crown or a bridge is relatively easy and straightforward. When a crown is required, you will need to do two dental visits. During the primary visit, the dentist will examine the tooth to make sure that a crown is the most suitable solution. Once that has been decided, the tooth is shaped and filed so that it is of the proper size to support the crown. After the tooth has been readied to receive the crown, an impression will be taken to make a permanent crown. The dentist will get you fitted with a temporary crown while the permanent crown is being made. The next appointment is when the permanent crown is applied and fixed with special cement.

The process of getting a bridge is also pretty easy and painless. The dentist will file the teeth so that the bridge can fit on top of them, and it will be then bonded to hold it permanently in place.

How Can I Take Care of a Crown or Bridge?

Taking care of a crown or a bridge is relatively simple. The most crucial thing to be kept in mind is not chewing or biting hard foods to prevent breaking the restorations. Good oral hygiene should be practiced, including regular flossing. Always consult your dentist for routine checkups. When there is a problem with the crown or bridge, including if it comes loose, call your dentist immediately.

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