Oral Hygiene Basics

Oral hygiene is crucial for one and all, and you must care for it. To keep your oral health in check and maintain your dental hygiene, we recommend you visit our teeth clinic once every six months to remove the build-up of plaque and tartar and keep your mouth clean and healthy. Along with performing professional teeth cleaning, we will also discuss the basics of oral hygiene with you. 

Brushing Your Teeth Thoroughly

Always use a soft toothbrush to brush your teeth as it saves your gums from irritation. Brush your teeth in circular motions, beginning at the gum line and then working your way towards the center. It will move bacteria, plaque, and food particles away from your gum line. 

Follow a quadrant technique to brush your teeth and ensure to give 30 seconds to each section. Do not apply a lot of pressure on your teeth. We recommend brushing twice a day. 

Flossing is Essential 

Apart from brushing your teeth, it is equally essential to floss. Regular flossing removes all the plaque and food particles in between your teeth. If such elements remain between your teeth for a long time, you may develop gum disease. The event may be dangerous for your overall health. You may buy a plastic flossing tool as it is easy to hold and use. We recommend flossing your teeth after every meal. 

To keep bad breath and bacteria away, you can combine brushing and flossing with mouthwash. Buy a mouthwash that contains fluoride. It will not only keep the bacteria at bay but also strengthen your teeth. Rinsing your mouth with a mouthwash reduces the risk associated with gum disease and cavities. 

How to Avoid Tooth Decay? 

The primary reason for tooth decay is plaque deposition on the surface of your teeth. Thus, keeping your teeth clean by removing this substance prevents tooth decay. All you need to do is maintain your habit of brushing and flossing. 

Rinse your mouth with plain water if you do not have enough dental supplies like a mouthwash. It helps to remove the residual food particles from your mouth. 

Food and Drinks to Avoid 

Do not drink a lot of juice, soda, coffee, or anything containing a high amount of sugar. Please stay away from food items like candies, desserts, and sticky food as they stick to your teeth. Do not eat foods that have a high amount of acid. Include more leafy greens in your diet.

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