Oral Cancer Screening

Opting for oral cancer screening is nothing lesser than a life-saving measure. Oral cancer has already taken many lives, and it continues doing so. Like other forms of cancer, if this problem is detected early and treatment is taken at the right time, it becomes possible to cure it.

Is Oral Cancer Screening Common?

Unfortunately, oral cancer screening is not as common as it should be. Most people never undergo this process, and therefore people fail to detect cancer at an early age. We suggest that you visit for this screening right away. We will include oral cancer screening with your general dental check-up in most cases.

What Does Oral Cancer Screening Include?

We will look for the signs of abnormal tissues. We will also check for the symptoms like lumps, rough patches, red and white bumps, and changes in the position of your teeth. For most of its part, screening is done visually only.

We will also touch your cheeks and the inside of your mouth while wearing gloves. It helps us find the presence of hard or strange lumps within your tissue. This cancer can affect all the areas of your mouth. Hence, we carry out your mouth's thorough examination. 

How Frequent Should We Have Oral Cancer Screening?

We will let you know about the screening after conducting your first examination. If you are at a high risk of developing cancer, we may suggest more screenings.

Who is at a High Risk of Getting Oral Cancer?

Many reasons put you at a high risk of getting oral cancer, such as smoking cigarettes and consumption of alcohol. According to recent medical research, several strains of HPV also lead to oral cancer. The virus can be contracted as early as your teenage years in both men and women.

Is Oral Cancer Treatable?

We do not treat oral cancer but help you screen it. The early detection of cancer plays a role in saving your life. If we notice anything pre-cancerous in your mouth during the consultation, we may perform a biopsy. Sometimes, we may refer you to an oncologist.

When to Visit Us?

We suggest you spend a few minutes examining your mouth after brushing your teeth. Run your tongue along your gums, cheeks, and roof of your mouth. Upon noticing rough patches, bumps, or lumps, visit us immediately.

How to Prevent Oral Cancer?

The essential thing to do to decrease your risk of developing cancer is to stop using tobacco. Quitting cigarettes cuts down your chances of oral cancer by several folds. Limit alcohol and sun exposure. In case of the HPV virus, speak to your general physician.

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