Options for Replacing Missing Teeth

If your teeth have been knocked out in an accident or removed due to decay, we will perform a restorative procedure to replace them to improve the functionality and appearance of your smile. After carrying out your dental examination, we will decide on the procedure to provide you with the best results. 

How to Find the Right Replacement Tooth Option? 

We respect the importance of your choice. We will ask all the relevant questions to know about your requirement during your consultation. After asking questions and conducting an examination, we will lay down several options we feel may work best for your lifestyle. If you happen to be a good candidate for all, we will share information regarding the cost, procedure, and others. 

Which is the Most Durable Tooth Replacement Option? 

We will provide you with well-made and durable replacement teeth, regardless of what option you may select. But if you are looking for a restorative option that feels, appears, and behaves similarly to your natural teeth, a dental implant is the best choice. This restorative option not only replaces your missing teeth but strengthens your jawbone as well. Implants are a permanent solution for people of all ages. The procedure is usually followed by placing dental crowns. 

Another sought-after tooth replacement option is a bridge, created by securing a dental crown to two teeth surrounding the missing one. 

We may also recommend dentures to replace your missing teeth in some cases. They are not as durable or sturdy as implants or bridges, but they have their own benefits. Dentures happen to be an ideal immediate solution when you are waiting for other cosmetic procedures. They are also used as a treatment if you suffer from resorption or do not have strong remaining teeth. 

Will Age influence Tooth Replacement Options? 

We decide on a tooth replacement solution that is natural-looking and beautiful. Age doesn't have a lot to do with the ideal tooth replacement option that you may want to opt for. Regardless of your age, we may provide the best solution suiting your needs and requirements. 

However, you need to be aware of one thing – when you start losing your teeth, the process of resorption begins. It is when your body starts taking out calcium from your jawbone and distributing it to the remaining parts. The longer you wait, the less bone density you will have.

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