Invisalign® vs Traditional Braces

If you are searching for the best orthodontic option to straighten your teen's smile, it is essential to consider Invisalign instead of traditional braces for them. You must know that both these treatments function similarly. In general, all orthodontic solutions help move your teeth by putting pressure. The pressure is applied on the right teeth at the right time, hence moving them in place. Both these treatment options have the best results. To choose a suitable one, you must consider factors like convenience, lifestyle, and your teen's confidence level while wearing them. 

Straighten Your Smile Today 

We urge you to visit our clinic and schedule an appointment for your teen. We will check their teeth and know if Invisalign is a suitable treatment. During the appointment, we will also answer all their queries so that it becomes easier for them to decide the best treatment. 

Here's everything to know in terms of lifestyle differences between Invisalign and traditional braces. 


The cost of Invisalign and braces is the same. We will give you a breakdown and discuss all the available payment options during consultation. 


When it comes to the duration of treatment, Invisalign is a better alternative to traditional braces. It is because your teen will only need to see us once every six weeks. 


In terms of appearance, Invisalign is a much better option than wearing traditional braces. The aligners are clear. Thus, when your teen wears them, nobody will notice their application on the teeth. As their teeth begin to move, their smile will get better each day, and the improvement is quick and efficient. 


Teens often worry that wearing an orthodontic device means limiting eating their favorite food items. But not anymore. It is because, with Invisalign, it becomes easier to eat everything they want. Your teen may remove them while eating and drinking. Thus, the food doesn't get stuck in their mouths. 

Oral Hygiene 

Maintaining oral hygiene becomes easier with Invisalign as compared to conventional braces. The aligners can easily be removed while brushing and flossing teeth. In addition, your teen may also use a cleaning solution to clean the aligners and maintain them in the long run. 

School Activities 

While deciding on a better orthodontic option, do not forget to consider the school activities that your teen participates in. For instance, if they engage in playing any instrument or also play sports, opting for aligners is a better idea. Invisalign can be removed while practicing these activities. 

After Braces 

Once your teen is done wearing braces or Invisalign, they may need to wear a retainer. The role of a retainer is to keep their teeth in the correct position, especially at night.

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