I Think My Gums Are Receding

We focus on your gum health as much as on your teeth. When you visit us for dental check-ups and examinations, we work to prevent gum disease. In general, regular dental care is all you need to keep your gums healthy. But if you notice that your gums are receding, we may have to perform other procedures to address the concern.

What Makes the Gums Recede from Teeth?

Several factors add to receding gums from the teeth. For instance, if you use a hard toothbrush or brush your teeth very aggressively, it may irritate your gums, thus causing them to recede. In this situation, we recommend using an electric toothbrush.

Gum receding also happens because of gum disease. It can impact people of all ages. Upon experiencing any symptoms related to gum disease, you must visit us urgently. We will perform dental cleaning and offer you a suitable treatment. Genetics may also be a cause of receding gums. Besides this, if you have crooked teeth or a bite is out of alignment, it may put a lot of strain on your teeth.

Why Do Teeth Recede Only on One Side?

When your gums receding only on one side, it may be because of the build-up of plaque in that particular area. Dental trauma may be the reason for receding gums on a single tooth only. Reasons such as injury, abrasion, or cut on that tooth lead to such receding of the gums.

Are Receding Gums a Serious Issue?

Do not take receding gums lightly. If you experience bleeding, swelling, or receding gums, visit us immediately for treatment. We will examine your teeth and gums, and if you suffer from periodontal (gum) disease, we will treat it. You may be given deep cleaning and antibiotic treatment. Do not delay in meeting us as it may affect your remaining teeth.

How To Prevent Gum Recession?

The best way to keep gum recession at bay is to visit our clinic twice a year for teeth cleaning. We will remove the build-up of tartar and plaque and also teach you how to brush your teeth softly. Maintaining proper dental care will keep the problem away. If you do not treat the condition, you may lose your teeth. You may also suffer from bone loss if you do not address the issue at the right time. 

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