Why We Refer to Dental Specialists

Why We Refer to Dental Specialists

Posted by Alencar Family Dentistry on Jan 20 2022, 06:37 AM

Most of us would have visited a dentist at least once in our life. One common mistake everyone makes while taking an appointment is that we often don’t choose the right type of dentist. Choosing the right person should always be of top priority, be it your life partner or a dentist to take care of that beautiful smile of yours.

Even though a dentist could take care of your routine checkups, it is better to visit the right type of dental specialist who can specifically treat your issue. Most dentists would refer you to a dental specialist when they diagnose you as having a complex oral issue that they aren’t trained to deal with.

There are six types of dental specialists. Each is specialized in dealing with specific oral issues. We present these to guide you in choosing the right dental specialist for your particular oral healthcare. 


They exclusively treat children. Parents should take their child to a pedodontist once in a while as this dental specialist can identify the onset of decay and can take appropriate measures to prevent further damage.


They are experts in fixing misalignment of the jaw or teeth. They fix these issues using braces, retainers, specialized bands, or other detachable corrective tools. They can make your smile look more beautiful.


They are also known as gum specialists. They are trained to deal with diseases that occur in the gums or teeth-supporting bones. Dentists generally refer you to these types of dental specialists to treat advanced gum disease.


They have specialized in treating and preventing infections and injuries in the human dental pulp or the nerve of the teeth. They are also specialized in performing complex root canal treatments. Therefore they should be preferred for a root canal treatment over a general dentist.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

They are generally referred to perform complex realignment jaw surgeries and reconstructive facial surgery. They can also remove tumors from the oral cavity. They can treat different types of dental problems.


They can restore your natural teeth and replace damaged or broken teeth. They mainly use crowns or artificial teeth to fix your damaged or missing teeth. They also perform post-oral cancer reconstruction.

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