National Dental Practice Information Update in Response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Disease

National Dental Practice Information Update in Response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Disease

Posted by Alencar Family Dentistry on Aug 3 2020, 06:36 AM

As COVID-19 is spreading rapidly, it has become critical for health care providers to protect their patients. Dentists continue to work with patients and care for their oral care needs. 

At Alencar Family Dentistry, we are doing everything possible to stay updated on and apply the American Dental Association (ADA) guidelines. As the ADA adjusts its policies to tackle this pandemic, we will incorporate the necessary changes to ensure the welfare of our staff and patients.

Online Information

As dentists, we frequently visit the ADA website at to learn valuable information for dental care workers. The site enlists the COVID-19 symptoms we should be aware of and also offers recommendations for safety precautions that need to be followed when treating dental patients. The ADA also conducts webinars to clarify and provide helpful guidance on critical issues.

Sanitized Office Environment

We maintain a healthy office environment, following the ADA guidelines. A sanitized office will prevent the spread of COVID-19. Therefore, all the surfaces of the office area are adequately sanitized and anyone displaying symptoms of COVID-19, including staff, are asked not to enter the dental office. 

As healthcare professionals, we continually educate patients about sneezing and coughing etiquette. Tissues and hand sanitizers are made available for the staff and patients. We help maintain social distancing with as few people present in the office and employees working on rotational shifts.

Hand Washing

This is an essential step during normal circumstances for dentists and hygienists. Washing hands correctly is even more critical with the rapid spread of COVID-19. The ADA urges dental professionals to clean their hands more frequently with antibacterial soap. Hands should be rinsed before and after treating every patient. The dental tools and surgical instruments should be sanitized after every use. 

Management of Appointments

Dental offices should be open only for emergency appointments during the COVID-19 pandemic. Unnecessary dental visits should be canceled. Regular dental exams, X-rays, and other orthodontic treatments can be scheduled later when things get better. Dentists should only tend to the emergency needs of patients. These include tooth decay, broken restorations, dental trauma, or gum infections.

Following the ADA Guidelines

As the COVID-19 situation changes continuously, the American Dental Association (ADA) is updating its guidelines. As dental care providers, we are constantly monitoring changes and educating ourselves to meet the new standards of oral care. 

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