Everything You Need to Know Before Getting Invisalign Treatment

Everything You Need to Know Before Getting Invisalign Treatment

Posted by Alencar Family Dentistry on Aug 23 2021, 10:55 AM

If you’re thinking about straightening your teeth but want to retain your smile, Invisalign is an option worth considering. In recent years, this modern dental prosthetic has grown in popularity for effectively restoring the confidence of over 10 million people.

Dr. Jayme A. Oliveira Filho at Alencar Family Dentistry in Chesapeake, Virginia, is an Invisalign-certified dentist who has changed dozens of lives with Invisalign aligner treatment. So, let’s take a look at what Invisalign is all about and how it can help you.

Invisalign: What Is It?

Invisalign is an aesthetically pleasing alternative to traditional metal and wire braces. The treatment uses custom-made plastic trays to gently push your teeth to align with each other and fixes all your bite and alignment issues.

Invisalign treatment involves the following steps:

  • First Appointment: 

Oliveira Filho will assess your oral condition to check if you are a viable candidate for the treatment. The doctor will consider several factors such as the alignment of your teeth, any dental concerns you may have, or any fillings or other treatments you have previously received.

  • Digital Scan:

After Dr. Oliveira Filho concludes the initial round of tests, he will chalk up a treatment plan. In this stage, the doctor will use the i-Tero Element scanner, a piece of advanced equipment that takes a 3D scan of your teeth. 

Then, using the ClinCheck software, the doctor will create a roadmap to determine and fine-tune every shift Invisalign can bring in your teeth. Next, you will receive a preview of what your teeth could look like at the end of the treatment process.

  • Get the Aligners:

After you agree to the plan, Dr.Oliveira Filho will send the requirement to the Invisalign laboratory. The technicians at Invisalign will design your custom trays and send them over to you.

Things to Know About Invisalign

Here are a few things you should know about Invisalign:

  • You should wear them for 22 hours a day.
  • You can remove them before brushing or before a meal.
  • You need to wear a new set of aligners every two weeks.
  • You will see results in as little as six months.
  • You need to wear retainers to maintain the outcome.

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Oliveira Filho at Alencar Family Dentistry to learn more about Invisalign. Call (757) 546-0301 or visit our website to book an appointment, or visit our office at 711 Greenbrier Parkway Suite 101, Chesapeake, VA 23320 for assistance.

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