Critical Decisions About the Full Mouth Reconstruction Process

Critical Decisions About the Full Mouth Reconstruction Process

Posted by Alencar Family Dentistry on Mar 3 2020, 04:57 AM

A full mouth reconstruction can improve your smile by addressing issues like the size, color, form, and location of the teeth, replacing missing teeth, or fixing congenital issues. This process accommodates the patient's preferences and maximizes functionality. 

In this article, we’re taking a closer look at the full mouth reconstruction process so that you can make an informed decision when choosing to undergo this treatment.

Full Mouth Reconstruction: What to Consider 

The Treatment Objective

For a full mouth reconstruction, patients need to carefully consider the treatment's objective. Dental procedures can have three goals: functional, cosmetic, or health-related. 

Oral issues that make eating or speaking difficult are considered functional objectives. Aesthetic objectives are concerned with the look of the smile - broken teeth, crooked or crowded teeth, or outdated, unsightly dental restorations. Oral health objectives include treatment for periodontal disease and temporomandibular joint problems. 

Full Mouth Reconstruction Process - How Important It Is?

A full mouth reconstruction may be costly and time-consuming. Typically, the treatments are irreversible. In some cases, smile imperfections can be fixed with less invasive procedures like braces. Straightening the teeth is a less expensive and time-consuming procedure than entirely rehabilitating the oral cavity.

This is why you should consult with the dentist to determine if a full mouth reconstruction is the best course of action to achieve your objectives. It is recommended that the surgery be performed out of need rather than preference. A reconstruction may be excessive if a minor dental procedure is all that is required.

Finding the Right Dentist

Choosing the dentist to conduct the full mouth reconstruction is equally critical. Finding a reputable and skilled dentist is a must since the procedure is complex, life-changing, and costly. Patients should have a thorough understanding of the dentist’s training and qualifications, their experience with full mouth reconstructions, their years of experience, and the outcomes of past patients.

In Conclusion

There are various key aspects to ponder when considering a full mouth reconstruction. A reputable and skilled general dentist can assist you through the treatment and determine if you are a good candidate for it.

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