3 Questions To Ask Your Dentist During Oral Exams

3 Questions To Ask Your Dentist During Oral Exams

Posted by Alencar Family Dentistry on Oct 24 2019, 07:46 AM

At Alencar Family Dentistry in Chesapeake, Virginia, we put an emphasis on educating patients about their dental health and look forward to answering all their queries concerning their dental concerns and treatment options. 

We recommend you visit our Chesapeake dental office once every six months for routine dental exams. During these consultations, we encourage you to ask questions to best utilize your time in our office. During your next dental appointment, consider asking the dentist the following questions:

How Can I Improve My Oral Hygiene?

During your routine oral exams, you will receive a thorough dental cleaning. Our hygienist will remove plaque or tartar accumulations along your gum line to prevent tooth decay or gum disease. 

Based on where the plaque accumulations are, we can point out the spots you may be missing when brushing or flossing your teeth. As a result, you can make changes to your oral hygiene practices and prevent the occurrence of plaque. You can also ask our hygienist questions about correct brushing and flossing techniques, how to brush with an electric toothbrush, or what ingredients to look for when purchasing a toothpaste or mouthwash.

Is There a Risk for Future Oral Problems?

After a thorough examination, Dr. Jayme A. Oliveira can tell patients about potential dental issues. Before predicting future dental problems, factors such as genetics, lifestyle habits, and oral hygiene routine will be considered. The dentist can also provide valuable tips on how to avoid dental issues down the line. 

In addition, we offer preventative care like professional teeth cleanings and fluoride and sealant applications to help you maintain your oral health.

What Are My Treatment Options?

Following the dental cleaning, Dr. Jayme A. Oliveira will perform a dental exam, assessing the health of your teeth, gums, and jawbone. During this time, you should voice any dental concerns that you may have, like toothaches, jaw pain, tension headaches, loose teeth, or bleeding gums. 

Dr. Jayme A. Oliveira will determine the underlying cause of your dental concerns and offer you a treatment plan based on your needs and goals. Our team will go over the treatment plan with you in detail to help you understand what to expect every step of the way. 

At Alencar Family Dentistry, we are always ready to answer your questions and address your concerns. So, during your next oral exam, don’t hesitate to ask the questions above. To contact us, call (757) 546-0301 or visit our office at 711 Greenbrier Pkwy Suite 101, Chesapeake, VA 23320. 

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